Making Wireless Coverage a Breeze

A new way to think about Public Safety Coverage.

One that merges the need for LMR based 700/800 Public Safety and the new FirstNet LTE services for 1st responders, all at a lower than expected cost. Announcing the new Cel-Fi Quatra 4000 Red.

Like the Quatra 4000 for cellular coverage, the new 4000 RED utilizes two Ethernet cables to connect its Network Unit (NU) to its Coverage Units (CUs), reducing cost and simplifying deployment. With its built-in optional battery backup, the active system is NEMA-4 / UL 2524 compliant and provides integrated Remote Annunciator and Remote Cut-Off Switches, all Ethernet cabled to make things easy.

Here is a block diagram of the new Cel-Fi Quatra 4000 RED.

Available in early Q3 of 2020, the Quatra 4000 RED will make installation quicker and easier on the budget. In a campus environment, we also have a way to provide a common signal source to multiple buildings. These systems can be cascaded to support larger venues so VentusRF can support customers with as little as 50K sq. ft. to as much as 750K sq. ft of space per system, which can be cascaded as needed for larger venues.

VentusRF can remotely monitor and support an installed system. All that is required is Internet connectivity for each NU(s). Now you can cover the areas in your buildings where Public Safety coverage is lacking and expand it as needed in the future.