Making Wireless Coverage a Breeze

This seemingly new set of requirements has actually grown a lot over the last 15 years, but then again, each disaster teaches us more detailed things about what we already “know”. We say “Know” because we all know we want Police, Fire, EMS, etc to be able to talk and share data in a very timely manner, when it’s our emergency, but all this change takes time to install and activate in all our counties, cities, states and federally.

Think about what you thought about emergency services communications before the fateful day of 911. If we had known we would face such things, we would have prepared sooner and much more completely.


When the mass shooting in Las Vegas happened, all the police, fire, EMS services could talk and things, though terrible, was responded to in a much faster manner and many lives were saved.

So now we know we need to have:

  • A Public Safety communications system in place for our First Responders, before anything happens.
  • Annual checks of that system to make sure it is working.
  • The local Fire Marshall’s and the local serving AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) contact information in our files so we can keep them informed of building changes before they occur. This lets them support and advise us of how to keep them supported.
  • Any Public Safety communications systems installed need to have the following certifications. In this case the more the better.

We are all in this together and VentusRF is here to help both the AHJ and the customer so everyone is protected. Ask us about the new Cel-Fi Quatra Red 700/800MHz solution. It supports FirstNet LTE (bands 25, 4, 14, 12) along with regular 700/800 Public Safety services.