Making Wireless Coverage a Breeze

A new way to think about Cellular coverage.

If you’re in a space that is less than 900,000 sq. ft., you should be talking to us about the Quatra 4000. This solution is cellular provider pre-approved, so the approval process, with its many months of delays is gone. A recent update to this product doubled the number of Coverage Units (CUs) to twelve (12), utilizing a single-mode fiber connection between the Network Unit (NU) and the Fiber Hub (FH) as pictured below.

This makes the installation quick, effective, and easy on the budget. And where the cell signal is poor there is an option to use a provider-supplied “small-cell” device as the signal source, assuming you have the Internet bandwidth to support a connection back to the cellular provider’s nearest network location. We will guide you through the process, whether you choose donor antennas or a small-cell signal source.

This solution supports AT&T, T-Mobile (Sprint), and Verizon. You decide if you want one, two, or all four providers frequency Bands. Currently, if you support T-Mobile, you already support Sprint and vice versa, so there are several new options available for you. We can also repurpose the 4th service provider position for providers like U.S. Cellular.

We now offer you the Quatra 4000, a larger system that supports the 3 major U.S. cellular providers with a cost-effective, integrated solution. This solution supports Twelve (12) coverage units (CUs) and has more power so it covers about four times the area of a single Quatra 2000 solution. Multiple systems can be deployed to large installations

Quatra 4000 Block Diagram

These systems can be cascaded to support larger venues so VentusRF can support customers with as little as 15K sq. ft. to as much as 900K sq. ft of space. For campus environments, we have a fiber-based solution as well, be it to 1 or 20 other buildings.

Now you can cover the areas in your buildings where cellular coverage is lacking and expand it as needed in the future.