Making Wireless Coverage a Breeze

VentusRF is your source for getting Cellular and Public Safety coverage in your building(s), construction site, warehouse(s), or offices(s). As Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), VentusRF brings their knowledge to assist you with design and engineering services, turn-key solutions, and consulting support to enable you to have the communications services where you need them. We work designing/installing/fixing and updating in-building coverage for Public Safety and Cellular use. A recent example has been the emergency setup of cell coverage for doctors and nurses during this Covid-19 pandemic for areas not covered.

Across many business sectors, poor cellular coverage in the office is the norm, even though over 83% of all cell phone calls are made indoors. Whether that’s 3G, 4G, or 5G on AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon or one of the many MVNOs “Mobile Virtual Network Operator” that utilize their networks. Indoor cellular data usage is higher, even in the presence of corporate Wi-Fi.

Then add the need to include Public Safety coverage. Everyone wants it, but nobody wants to pay for it, to the point that in new and large-scale reconstruction, occupancy permits are frequently withheld until adequate coverage is included and tested. It’s time people stopped treating public safety coverage like an unwanted child and fully fund it instead of selecting the cheapest solution. Think about it this way, when emergency responders are coming to safe your life, do want to equip them with the bare minimum or a robust method for communicating?

With many years of experience in RF and IP networking, the team at VentusRF can also help you with your WiFi applications.

VentusRF principally serves Northern VA, Washington DC, Maryland, Eastern West Virginia, and lower and western Pennsylvania. Contact us using the form on our Contact page for a prompt response to your needs. We typically respond the same day if you send your message before 2 PM.

We will support your needs quickly. In the case where there is not a fit, we won’t waste your time but will either try to connect you with someone we can recommend or tell you we can’t help. Simply and friendly.